Quartz Gallery

Uncompromising Quality

Open the door to inspiration! Our expertly curated Cambria gallery and slab showroom inspires beautiful ideas, turning visions into reality for homeowners and professionals alike.

Cambria Performs Beautifully. Every Day. When it comes to beauty, nothing can compare to Cambria. With a large part of our quartz sourced from a unique mine we own, every Cambria design is guaranteed to reflect stunning features you won’t find anywhere else. Cambria’s expansive design palette offers more than just a pretty face. Look a little deeper and you’ll find the uncompromising quality and unbeatable performance that make Cambria the perfect choice for life.

With Cambria, you will not be disappointed. More durable than granite or marble. Maintenance free. No sealing or polishing required. Just keep clean with little soap and water. Non-porous and non-absorbent so it won’t draw in moisture from food or spills.

This Cambria gallery offers a large variety of Cambria projects utilizing many of the Cambria designs. Take a look through the gallery and see how you can use the various designs with multiple cabinet color options, flooring options, and backsplash options. As individuals we all see elements differently – what is too gray for you, might be too green for another. We want to help you meet your style, design, and needs and we believe some of our past projects may assist in helping you find what design best meets your style.


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