A Slab of Uncommon Beauty and Strength

Quartz is one of the hardest, most abundant minerals found in nature – only diamond, sapphire and topaz are harder. Besides beauty, the quartz gives the countertops extreme strength, making quartz countertops highly scratch-resistant.

Quartz countertops are made from crushed pure natural quartz and combined with a small amount of pigment and resin to create a slab of uncommon beauty and strength.

This combination of materials allows quartz to be a dense, non-porous stone that delivers unsurpassed reliability and performance – scratch-resistance and stain-resistance with no sealing required in a large variety of naturally beautiful, consistent colors.

Benefits of Quartz

Quartz is virtually maintenance-free – it doesn’t need to be sealed and cleaning is a cinch.

Strength & Durability
Maintenance Free
Food Safe
All Natural
Everlasting Value
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Cambria Installation Associate

Cambria® trusts only the finest associates to work with our fabricated slabs, installing them with meticulous precision and skill to ensure they perform as perfectly as they were crafted. Chosen for their dedication to upholding the same family values, operating integrity, and expertise that Cambria was founded upon, our exclusive installation partners are highly respected among their peers due to the impeccable standards of excellence and customer service they exhibit every day within the communities they serve.

  • Lifetime Warranty with Cambria
  • Cambria is a Green Product

The Cambria Gallery

Cambria Videos

Cambria quartz surfaces are available at Creative Surfaces. The Cambria Gallery conveniently located right next door to our showroom is designed for our dealers, home builders, designers and you the customer to look, touch, and feel the beauty of natural stone.

Four great reasons to buy Cambria

Strength & Durability

Our quartz is much harder than granite or marble making it more durable. That means Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of worry-free service.

Maintenance Free

Other natural stone surfaces like granite and marble require regular sealing and polishing. With Cambria, all you need to do is wipe it down with a little warm water and mild soap.


With Cambria you get a non-porous and non-absorbent product so it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria.


Cambria® is American-made by a family-owned company in Minnesota where legendary craftsmanship, hard work, and a relentless commitment to the highest quality are the cornerstones for everything we do. There is no second best. No exception. If it isn’t perfect, it will never carry our name.

No appointment is necessary…stop by anytime at your convenience. Check out these videos for more information on Cambria quartz surfaces.

Cambria Quartz

Care Tips

Simply wash with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, and use a mild soap if desired.

A Few Notes of Caution

  • DO NOT use abrasive or strong alkaline or acid (high or low pH) cleaners.
  • DO NOT use or expose quartz to bleach, oven cleaners, Comet®, Soft Scrub®, SOS®, products with pumice, batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners.
  • DO NOT use abrasive or harsh scrub pads.
  • DO NOT apply any sealers, penetrants or topical treatments to quartz under any circumstances. Such products will wear off and cause the gloss to appear dull or inconsistent.


  1. Cambria Product is created from pure natural quartz stone. Variations in natural quartz stone color, pattern, size, shape, and shade are unique and inherent characteristics of this Product.
  2. Color blotches are intentionally included in many designs to enhance the Product’s natural beauty. Samples are small select cuts from a larger slab and may not fully exhibit all the design characteristics of the final installed Product. These variations do not affect performance and do not qualify for Product replacement.
  3. Cambria is durable and resistant to surface damage. However, all stone can be damaged by force and no stone is chip-proof. Objects hitting edges, particularly at sinks or dishwashers, may cause chips. Though a minor knife slip will dull the knife and not harm Cambria Product, no stone surface is scratch-proof. Surface markings are more visible on monotone designs than on multicolored design surfaces.
  4. Cambria Product is not a seamless product; seams are visible. Where there are seams changes in the Product pattern and shade will be visible.
  5. Natural stone surfaces can be damaged by sudden and/or rapid changes in temperature, especially near the edges, as well as direct and/or sustained heating of the top. Cambria Product may not withstand the direct transfer of heat from pots and pans and other cooking units such as electric frying pans and griddles, slow cookers, roaster ovens, and heat lamps. Therefore, the use of a closed-weave hot pad or solid trivet, like a breadboard, is always recommended to prevent heating the Product.

Suggested Cleaning Products

  • Soft Cotton Cloth
  • Warm Water
  • Mild Soap


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